Industrial Battries

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Yuasa are one of the worldai??i??s largest manufacturers and suppliers of valve regulated lead-acid batteries with global manufacturing plants and an extensive marketing and distribution network throughout the UK and Europe.
Considerable investment in European manufacturing facilities, the establishment of a European network of 6 wholly owned companies, and the constant search by Yuasa to provide even more reliable power from smaller batteries, has resulted in the company’s current position and proud claim to be No.1 in Europe!

The Yuasa battery range provides what is possibly the widest choice of types from a single source to meet most known applications from uninterruptible power source UPS and backup power, to security and alarm systems batteries and emergency lighting batteries.

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If you are looking for a power source for Security and Alarm Systems; CCTVai??i??s; UPS Systems; Emergency Energy Lighting Systems; OEM electrical equipment; Electronic applications or any area where there is a need for a reliable long-life power source, contact us and see why industry is saying ai???Yes to Yuasaai??i??!


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