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Bendix have the latest generation of disc brake pads for a new generation of heavier trucks, prime movers and trailers. Only a braking specialist like bendix can develop superior pads designed for harsh road conditions and operating demands.
As more trucks and trailers switch to disc brakes, Bendix protrans disc pads will; bring fleet operators advances level of reliability, reduced noice and will offer competitive value on a cost per kilometer basis.


Using ceramic metallic material with a friction rating of GG, the extreme wear life of Bendix protarns disc pads will become apparent over time. This OE quality material can withstand extremely high operating temperatures, which means exceptional pad and rotor life with minimal risk of brake fade.
In all applications, drivers will appreciate the security of predictable, stable friction levels across a range of operating temperatures.


Bendix protrans disc pads reduce thermal damages to rotors, which can cause micro and radial cracking. Protrans has a high tolerance to rotor metallurgy variances, because we use less abrasive materials and lubricants that protect the disc rotor surface ai??i?? unlike other aggressive European style materials. Thanks to this advanced surface technologyai??i?? , friction can be achieved with minimal surface damage to pads and rotors thus extending both pad and rotor life.


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E mark Regulation 90 Approval
OE quality
Low pad wear
Comprehensive range

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Proven performance testing
Low fade, safety and durability
Extended servicing intervals
Covers most popular applications

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Bendix protrans discs pads have a strong, predictable friction level regardless of temperature, speed or axle load. The material is designed for harsh conditions and is validated to OE specification, for low wear and long life, particularly at high temperatures. The ange includes references to cover most popular truck and trailer applications.


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