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The EVERGREEN brand was launched in the global market in 2008, and has been successfully registered in many countries. This was an important move for the company’s implementation of international marketing strategy after the final completion of its PCR & LTR plant. EVERGREEN is a brand that the company has run for many years in China, and made great achievements in the China market. Our product has won widespread attention and extensive compliments from international markets via continuous increasing of the brand awareness through methods such as professional exhibition, magazine ads, marketing, etc.

The motto of EVERGREEN brand is green and sustainable development, which is also our social commitment and customer cooperation principle. We have continued to practice a green management philosophy in plant construction, raw materials procurement, production processing management, product performance design, quality control and so forth. When dealing with customers, the principle of sustainable development is our basic working motto to establish customer relationships. We maintain close communication with customers on market protection, marketing and sales support, and we strive to gain continuous and long-term mutually successful partnerships.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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